Episode 11 (08-24-2017) Defend Male Rats From Aggression With Neuters and Then Tune In to The Defenders on Netflix

Matt and Liz talk about their newest rat Krysa, The Defenders, the H3H3 lawsuit, video games  and much much more.

Ratty Topics – Doing introductions with new rat Krysa. Intros can be slow and we took our time. We also discuss why neutering male rats reduces their aggression towards each other. Foster rats Willow and Hummus are now doing great and have stopped fighting.

For more tips on doing rat introductions, check out podcast Episode 1 and Episode 6

Local Animal News – Check our our YouTube Channel featuring videos of our very own rats!

The Nerdy Rat Youtube Channel

Nerdy Topics – Liz is playing a plethora of inexpensive or free Steam games – Hero of the Kingdom, Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords, and Building the Great Wall of China 2.

Popular video team H3H3 wins their lawsuit. Why is that important and what was it about? We’ll tell you! Matt tells us what Grimmz and the Honkapalypse is (Liz has no idea.) And of course, we give you our review of Netflix series The Defenders.

H3h3 wins lawsuit
Matt’s dream arcade cab

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